Saturday, June 11, 2022

Pollyanna Glad Day

Visit Littleton on Glad Day
and find some thing to be Glad About!

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20th Anniversary

Gladness at a Glance!

The historic presence of the inspiring Pollyanna Sculpture—affectionately referred to as “New Hampshire’s Most Welcoming Attraction”—marks its 20th Anniversary on June 11, 2022.

Unveiled in 2002 by Artist Emile Birch, the Pollyanna Sculpture was dedicated by the Eames family to the citizens of Littleton NH as a positive inspiration for all people to enjoy.

We're Celebrating All Day Long!


Wear your favorite hat and march in our Glad Parade around Porter Street! 


The Adam Reczek Band will be performing their new hit single: Pollyanna! 

The Cupcake Challenge

What's a celebration without Cake! And this year we're hosting a fun Cupcake eating Challenge
Sign up here ! 

Glad Day Activities - June 11, 2022

10:00 -12:00: Book Signing at Little Village Toy and Book Shop featuring mother-daughter author team.  

11:00:  Gather at the sculpture to show off fun hats and take photos
Face painting and hat decoration stations will be around the lawn

12:00:  Hat parade around Porter Street - Harmony Park

1:00 - 2:00:   The Adam Reczek Band performs on Library Lawn 

3:00 - 4:00:   Cupcake eating challenge at Jack & Fins/Little Town Brews Patio

8 pm:  Dance at the Littleton Elks Club

Play the Glad Game!

Bring a Sign to Glad Day stating what you are Glad About.

Or if you can't make it to Glad Day, Tell us what you are glad about so we can celebrate that! 

Play the Glad Game

Visit with Eleanor Porter

Our favorite Eleanor Porter aficionado will be strolling around downtown to share stories of the author's life story.  

Learn more about Eleanor Porter

Meet the Authors 

The book, "I Appreciate your Resilience,” was written by Clarissa Kendall and her daughter, Casey, of Ryegate, VT to show appreciation for all that children have endured during the pandemic.

Meet Clarissa and Casey at Little Village Toy and Book Shop between 10-12 on Glad Day!  

Happy Anniversary to Little Village Toy and Book Shop!   It was a glad weekend when they first opened  the shop in 2014 on June 13!  

Visit Little Village Toy & Book Shop

Group Photo

Wave for the Camera!  

Be around the sculpture around noon for the group photo! 

Did You know....
The Pollyanna of Littleton Sculpture was named one of the top ten places to take a photo in New Hampshire?  

Smile and Do the Glad Wave!

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Dance the Night Away

Live Music ! 
Get your dancing shoes out and get ready to rock at the Elks Club!

Dance starts at 8 pm 
Limited seating!
Buy your tickets early -

Click here for details and tickets. 

Buy Tickets

Join the Glad Club!

Sign up for the GoLittleton Glad Club and receive greetings from Glad Town all year long!  


Thank you for joining the Glad Club! Now you have something to be glad about!

Pollyanna of Littleton 

91 Main Street
Littleton, NH, 03561, US

New Hampshire Glad Day

In 2019, Governor Sunnunu signed a proclamation to declare the second Saturday of June as Pollyanna Day throughout the state.  Pollyanna admirers hope the optimism of the celebration will spread to other New Hampshire communities and that schools, libraries, and citizens will commemorate the day with appropriately glad ceremonies and activities.

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